Steps to Request upload key reset

Steps to Request upload key reset

If you've lost your keystore file or you want to update the keystore this blog will help you on how you can request the Google Team for the resetting it.

To begin with :-

  1. You should be logged in into the developer console with Admin level rights or rights to request the update.
  2. You should have the pem file with you.

Steps to reset :-

  1. In your developer console select your app for which you want to change the key
  2. In the Left Menu click on"Setup" and sub-menu "App integrity"
  3. In the right section click on the tab "App Signing"
  4. Scroll to the section "Upload key certificate" and click on "Request upload key reset" button.
  5. In the dialog select your relevant option. For example - "
    I lost my upload key"
  6. Click on the link - "Upload the .PEM file generated from your upload key certificate" and browse your pem file and upload it.
  7. Click on the request button and it's done.

After this you'll receive an email from Google team that request has been received and they'll share a timeline that after the said date and time new key can be used. 

So after the mentioned data and time you can upload the signed aab file with the new key.




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