Frequently Asked Questions
1.What do I need to create my app?
You just need your website URL, App Name and Logo.
2.Does apple developer account is required for iOS app?
Yes, Apple Developer account is required to generate an ios app that can be installed on physical device or published on app store.
3.When will my application be ready?
Android and iOS app will be delivered in one hour. It might take 1 business day for few cases(if there is an issue with the provided data)
4.How will my application look?
Your application will look exactly as your website on mobile devices without the browser interface.
5.How do app updates work?
Your app will always be in sync with your website so whatever changes you make it will automatically reflect in the app.
6.How many times do I have to pay?
You only have to pay once to convert one website. There are no monthly or yearly fees. Yes! It is just a one time payment. You can check our pricing here
7.Do you provide Push Notifications?
Yes, we do provide Push Notifications for iOS and Android.
8.How will I receive my application?
You can download the android app from my apps section at We will push the iOS app build into your developer account. You will notified thorugh emails when your app is ready.
9.What is the process?
Once you purchase the package. For android we will share apk and aab file. For iOS we will push the build on your appstore developer account.
10.Can I publish the app on App store and Google play?
Yes, absolutely. Once you receive your application, you can publish it without any problem. It is an easy process. We provide publishing services as well, you can buy it from us.
11.How do I create demo/trial App?
Please go to the link below to create a demo app for your website.
12.Which website can be converted into app?
Any mobile responsive website. If website is working in mobile browser, it will work in the app as well.
13.How do I contact WebToNative?
You can also contact our support team at We are an email away in case you need something.
14.Is it a PWA app?
No, it is a webview based native App.